Lives and works in London
1991-1992 Fellow, Churchill College Cambridge / Kettle's Yard Artist in Residence
1976-1978 Slade School of Fine Art, Higher Degree in Fine Art
1973-1976 Cardiff College of Art, BA(hons) 1st Class
1972-1973 Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry
June 1954 Born, Manchester
Solo Exhibitions  
2015 Paul Winstanley, Art School, Mitchelll-Innes & Nash, New York.
2014 Art School, 1301PE, Los Angeles.
2013 Art School, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin.
  Art School, Vera Munro, Hamburg.
2012 Red T Shirt Grey, Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London.
2011 Mitchell-Innes & Nash, New York.
2010 Everybody Thinks This Is Nowhere, Alan Cristea Gallery, London.
  1301PE, Los Angeles.
2009 Vera Munro, Hamburg.
  The Gun Emplacement, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin.
2008 Threshold, Artspace, Auckland, New Zealand.
  Mitchel-Innes & Nash, New York.
2007 Republic, 1301PE, Los Angeles .
2006 Vera Munro, Hamburg.
2005 Homeland, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin.
  1301PE, Los Angeles.
2004 The New Art Centre, Roche Court, Salisbury.
  Vera Munro, Hamburg.
2003 Maureen Paley Interim Art, London.
2002 Kerlin Gallery, Dublin
  1301PE, Los Angeles.
2000 Maureen Paley Interim Art, London.
  Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich.
  1301PE, Los Angeles.
1999 Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris.
  Maureen Paley Interim Art, London.
1997/98 Annexe, Art Now 12, Tate Gallery, London.
1997 Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich.
  Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris.
  C.R.G., New York.
1996 Maureen Paley Interim Art, London.
1995 C.R.G., New York.
  Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris.
1994 Maureen Paley Interim Art, London.
1993 Driven Landscapes, Camden Arts Centre, London.
1992/93 Paintings 1991-92, Kettle's Yard, Cambridge,Lancaster Gallery, Coventry, B.A.C., London, Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth.
1991 Woodlands Arts Centre, London.
1987 Watermans Arts Centre, London.

Riverside Studios, London.



Group Exhibitions  
2015 Conversations, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin
2014 The Unassuming Eye, Sobering Galerie, Paris
  Summer Exhibition, Alan Cristea Gallery, London
2013 Here We Go, Karsten Schubert Gallery, London
  13, Alan Cristea Gallery, London
  Art and Existence, Esbjerg Kunst Museum, Denmark
  Window to the World, Fondation del'Hermitage, Lausanne
  Lifelike, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego,The Blankton Museum of Art, Austin.
  Under the Greenwood; Picturing the British Tree, St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, Lymington
  A Space for Contemplation, Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich.
  Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London.
2012 Window to the World, Museo Cantonale d'arte and Museo d'arte, Lugano
  Lifelike, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, New Orleans Museum of Art
  The Deer, curated by Eric Troncy, Le Consortium, Dijon.
  There is a Place, The New Art Gallery, Walsall.
2011 UK & EU Contemporary Artists, Galeria Pilar Serra, Madrid.
  Barrie Cooke, David Godbold, Elizabeth Magill, Stephen McKenna, Paul Winstanley, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin.
  Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London
  Artists For Kettle's Yard, Kettle's Yard, Cambridge
  UNSCHARF. Nach Gerhard Richter; Kunsthalle, Hamburg.
2010 Parallax: Paul Winstanley and Peter Rostovsky; Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum.
  Sea Feaver, From Turner to Today, Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton.
  High Ideals and Crazy Dreams, Galerie Vera Munro, Hamburg.
  Eleven, Alan Cristea Gallery, London.
  Without From Within, Djanogly Art Gallery, Nottingham.
2009 Terror and the Sublime: Art in an Age of Anxiety, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork.
  Conflicting Tales; Subjectivity, Burger Collection, Berlin.
  Self as Selves, Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), Dublin.
  Mind the Step, 1301PE, Los Angeles.
2008 Inside Architecture, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.
  Editions and Acquisitions, 2008, Alan Cristea Gallery, London.
  Fifty Percent Solitude, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin.
  8 Visions, One Dream, Today Art Museum, Bejing.
2007 I Don't Do Nature, 1301PE, Los Angeles.
  Radharc, Galway Arts Cetre, Galway.
2006 Gallery Artists, Winter Show, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin.
  Ghost, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin
  Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London.
  Gallery Artists, Summer Show, Kerlin Gallery, Dublin.
  Shining; Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich
  Morandi's Legacy, Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal; Estorick Collection, London.
2005 Almost, Robert Miller Gallery, New York.
  Flashback, Kunstverein, Freiburg, Germany.
2004 John Morres 23 Exhibition of Contemporary Painting, Liverpool.
  Munch Revisited, Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund.
  Blow Up, St Pauls Gallery , Birmingham.
2003 Oeuvres Recentes, Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris.
  4ever Young; Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv.
2002 Watery, Domestic, The Renaissance Society, University of Chicago, Chicago.
Painting and Illustration, Luckman Gallery, California State University, Los Angeles.
  Eight New Paintings. Barrie Cooke, Felin Egan, Mark Francis, Maureen Gallace, Callum Innes, Elizabeth Magill. Sean Scully, Paul Winstanley. Kerlin Gallery, Dublin.
  Painted, Printed and Produced in Great Britain, Grant Selwyn Fine Art, New York.
  Beyond Barbizon, Elias Fine Art, Allston, Massachusetts.
  Ten Years, Galerie Andreas Binder, Munich.
  Illumination, Marvelli Gallery, New York.
  Landscape, British Council International Touring Exhibition, Casa Andrade Muricy, Curitiba, Brazil.
Melancholy, City Art Gallery, Southampton; Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland.
  Telling Tales,: Narrative Impulses in Recent Art, Tate Gallery, Liverpool.
  Multiplication, British Council Touring Show to: Romania,Croatia, Turkey, Russia, Estonia, Poland.
  Landscape. British Council International Touring Exhibition, Centro Cultural del Conde Duque, Madrid and touring to Sofia Municipal Gallery of Art, Bulgaria, Museu de Arte Contemporanes de Niterio, Rio de Janerio and Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo.
2000 The Wreck of Hope, Nunnery Gallery, London
  Landscape, ACC Galerie, Weimar, Germany; House of Artists, Moscow, Russia; Peter and Paul Fortress, St Petersburg, Russia; Museum of Modern Art, Rome, Italy
1999 Paysages d'artistes, Fondation d'Art Contemporain Guerlain, Les Mesnuls, France
  Go Away: Artists and Travel, Royal College of Art, London
  Painting Pictures, Beaver College Art Gallery, Glenside, Philadelphia
I'm a Virgin, The Waiting Room, University of Wolverhampton
1998/99 Postcards on Photography, Cambridge Darkroom Gallery, Cambridge; John Hansard Gallery, Southampton; Site Gallery, Sheffield; Camerawork, London; Stills Gallery, Edinburgh
1998 Still, Laurent Delaye Gallery, London
  Made in London, Musea de Electricade, Lisbon
1997 Interior, Maureen Paley Interim Art, London
  Within These Walls, Kettle's Yard, Cambridge
  John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 20, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
  Longing, Galerie, Peter Kilchmann, Zurich
1996 ACE, Arts Concil Collection, Hayward Gallery, London and national tour
  Inner London, Delphina Gallery, London
1995 Crossroads, Herbert Read Gallery, KIAD, Canterbury; Wolsey Gallery, Ipswich; Centre d'Art Contemporain, Bruxelles, Belgium; FRAC Basse Normandie, Caen, France
1994 On Painting, James Hockey Gallery, WSCAD, Farnham
  Landescapes,Torino, Italy
1993 John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 18, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
  Strictly Painting, Cubitt Street Gallery, London
  Re-Present, Todd Gallery, London 
1992 Twelve Stars, Arts Council Gallery, Belfast; City Art Centre, Edinburgh; Barbican Centre, London
  The Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
  British Painters, Harris Museum, Preston
1991 Three Painters: Nicholas May, Nicholas Rule, Paul Winstanley,Maureen Paley Interim Art, London
1990 Gallery Artists, Maureen Paley Interim Art
1989 Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London
  John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 16, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
1988 Two Painters, FPA, Carlton House Terrace, London
1987 Six Visiting Artists, The Gallery, Falmouth School of Art
1986 Printmaking Today, Barbican Centre, London and National Tour
1981 Group of Four, Stavelot, Belgium
  Aspects of Drawing, House Gallery, London
1980 Group of Four, City University Gallery, London
  Holborn Station Re-Design Project, Whitechapel Gallery, London
2014 Paul Winstanley; Selected Works, Thisispaper, August, 2014
  Paul Winstanley Congures a Reflective Expressiveness at 1301PE, Los Angeles Times, May 24, 2014
  Paul Winstanley, KCRW, Art Talk, May 22, 2014
  Paul Winstanley; Art School, Thisispaper, January 2014
2013 Paul Winstanley, Art School; Cristin Leach Hughes, The Sunday Times, 1st December 2013
  Paul Winstanley, Art School; Published by Ridinghouse, Essay by Jon Thompson, Interview with Maria Fusco, 288pp, 240 illustrations, Hardback Book.
  Paul Winstanley, Galerie Vera Munro; Jens Astoff, Artforum,, Critics Picks, October
2012 Lifelike; Walker Art Center, 192 page Catalogue.
  Paul Winstanley by Kirsten Everberg; Frog, numero 10.
2011 Rise: Paul Winstanley; Rebecca Fulleylove, Dazed Digital, Dember 2011.
  Paul Winstanley; Joseph R. Wolin, Time Out New York, Oct 4, 2011
  Paul Winstanley, Mitchell-Innes & Nash; Barbara Pollack, ARTnews, October 2011.
2010 Paul Winstanley 1301PE; Jan Tumlir, Artforum, Dec 2010, p 265-266
  Paul Winstanley: A beautiful Veil; L.A. Weekly, October 2010.
  Everybody Thinks This Is Nowhere, Alan Cristea Gallery; Interview between Paul Winstanley and Helen Waters, 40 page catalogue,
  Without From Within; Djanogly Art Gallery, Essay by Anne Goodchild, 64 page Catalogue.
  Paul Winstanley, Lux; Jens Astoff, Kunstforum, Jan-Feb.
2009 Terror and the Sublime; Art in the Age of Anxiety; Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, Essays by Peter Murray and William Laffan, 128 page Catalogue.
  Conflicting Tales: Subjectivity; Burger Collection, Edited by Daniel Kurjakovic, 228page Catalogue.
2008 Paul Winstanley: Threshold; Essays by Andrew Renton and Christel Fricke, 100 Reproductions. Published by ARTSPACE and Clouds, Auckland, New Zealand. 148 page Book.
2006 Morandi's Legacy: Influences on British Art; Andre Lambirth, The Spectator, 29 April.
  Leer big in den letzen winkel; Jahn Wolf, Hamburger Abendblatt, 31 March.
  Morandi's Legacy: Influences on British Art; Interview between Paul Coldwell and Paul Winstanley, Estorick Collection, 78 Page Catalogue.
2005 Paul Winstanley, Homeland; Luke Clancy, Modern Painters, June, 2005.
  Paul Winstanley, Homeland; Aiden Dunce, Irish Times, 6 April.
2004 Space Inveilers; Sue Hubbard, The Independent, 29th October.
  Paul Winstanley; Jens Astoff; Art Forum, Critics' Picks.
  BlowUp; Flash Art, March April 2004.
2003 Paul Winstanley; William Feaver, Art News, Dec 2003.
  Paul Winstanley; Anne Fielding, Time Out, no 1726, Sept 2003.
  Utopia Remembered; Anthony Downey, Contemporary, no 51, 2003.
2002 Paul Winstanley; Anthony Downey, Contemporary, November 2002.
2001 To Infinity and Beyond; Simon Morely, Art Review, February.
2000 Paul Winstanley; Sally O Reilly, Time Out, no 1587 Jan 17-24
  Paul Winstanley; Duncan McLaren, Independent on Sunday, December 10

Paul Winstanley Archive: Complete Paintings 1989-2000; Maureen Paley Interim Art and 1301PE, (120 page Monograph)

  Landscape; The British Council, (80 page Catalogue)
1999 Paysages d'artistes; Fondation d'art Contemporain Daniel and Florence Guerlain, (52 page Catalogue)
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1997 The lights are on but there's no-one at home. Which is just as well; William Feaver, The Observer/Review December14
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1992 Paul Winstanley. Paintings 1991-92; Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, Essay by Brandon Taylor,( 48 page Catalogue)
  John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 16; Walker Art Gallery, (Catalogue)
1981 Aspects of drawing; Christopher Bucklow, Artscribe, no31
Public Collections  
  Arts Council of Great Britain
  Barclays Bank, London
  British Council
  British Museum, London
  Burger Collection, Berlin
  European Parliament
  Central Krankenversicherung, Cologne
  Churchill College, Cambidge University
  Colby Museum of Art, Maine, USA.
  Fondation Daniel and Florence Guerlin,Paris
  Fonds National d'art Contemporain (FNAC), Paris
  Government Art Collection, London
  Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin
  Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA), Los Angeles
  Musee d'art Contemporain, Sintra, Portugal
  New York Public Library
  Red Mansion Foundation, London
  Simmons & Simmons
  Southampton City Art Gallery
  SACEM, Neuilly-Seine
  Unilever, London
  WWK Allgemeine Versicherung AG, Munich